By: Sachin Patil

How to make money using GoDaddy affiliate program?


Every growing online service introduces affiliate marketing as a part of their marketing strategy, where they will make existing users spread others and if a new customer lands on their page and buys any product from their site, the existing user who referred the new one will get a reward. I am not a big fan of affiliate marketing. But in some services, affiliate marketing will work and will earn you a considerable amount of money.

Why go for affiliate marketing from GoDaddy or Hostgator? 

I would not recommend my users to get into affiliate marketing from any PTC site. Maybe if you have an interest in PTC sites and u think it will be worth trying it, you may try it. Whereas, I will recommend users to try GoDaddy or Hostgator affiliate marketing because all bloggers need to get a domain and need hosting to maintain and develop blogs. If someone gets a domain or makes a purchase with godaddy, using your affiliate, you will pocket few $ which can be used to get a new domain or renew your domain for a year or so.

Types of referrals available: 

1. Refer a Friend: 

For this, you just need to log into your godaddy account and goto My Account tab from the top and select refer a friend option available. By this option, you can generate a referral code and give it to people whom you know and you can get 20% of their order and $5 in virtual store credit. You can either mail your friends the promo code or you can put it up on social networks, so that people from your page may use your promo code to buy a new domain or hosting.

How to make money using GoDaddy affiliate program?

Step 1: Goto and log in with your godaddy ID and password.
Step 2: You will be taken to affiliate manager, where you will be able to manage all your affiliate related products. Goto ‘Ads’ section from the top.
Step 3: Here you will be able to see the entire ads banner available. Select the size and variant you need and get the code and display it on your blog.
Or if you want to display it as a link, select text link and display it on your page.

Few things that you might want to remember: 

  1. Do not spam your page fully with ads. New user might think that your ads are not trust worthy and may not use your referral link to buy a product.
  2. Display only one or two ads on your page in noticeable areas on like post top or side bar.
  3. Do not force one do not have interest to use your affiliate link.

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