By: Sachin Patil

6 Tips on How to Increase Your Online Presence


Online presence is a way of notifying others that you are active online. In blogging, online presence is very important. Any blogger will need online presence in his niche to as to show others that he is actively blogging. I have seen many blogs where they just keep posting articles and they never reply back to other’s comments at all. Do you think the boat will sail if you are like this? Online presence is very important to gather readership to your blog. Of course I love when I get a reply comment to a query I posted on someone else’s blog or on a forum.
Here are few tips which will help you increase the online presence and thereby earn you little more followers and readers to your blog.

1. Keep posting fresh content

First thing is that you need to keep your blog updated and keep posting fresh content on your blog. Even if you are not able to make time for one post per day, set yourself a weekly target and make the at least 2 – 3 post per week.

2. Reply to all your comments

Post reply comments to all the comments that you receive on your blog. This is very important to show that you are active. I have seen many blogs, where there are not follow up comments posted on the blog post. When I see few blogs where some quire is posted and no follow up comments is posted, it will naturally look un-interactive. Even though you do not post reply for very old blog posts, make sure you reply to the new ones.

3. Comment on other blogs

So aren’t you following other blogs of your niche? If they post some good content, make sure that you reply to it. By this, the others who comment below you will notice your comment. If you make this a habit (that is you are commenting on over 10 blogs on a regular fashion for a period of time), others who regularly comment will tend to notice you.

4. Use the same logo

Do not change your logo at all. Logo is so important in blogging business. When you see apple logo or Microsoft logo, your mind automatically recalls the brand. So to make your brand settle in your niche, use the same logo always. Why I say this is, when you keep commenting popularly, after a period of time, automatically the author’s face and the blog’s name will pop up on reader’s mind.

5. Participate in forums and competitions

Forums are the places where people with some kind of problem post questions and you can give a solution to their problem. When you post a comment on a forum, leave a signature with your blog’s URL at the bottom. So that if their problem gets solved, they may tend to visit your blog and become a fan. I always post a reply to Google’s discussion page for blogger and stack overflow questions related to blogger.

6. Post regularly on your pages

Just adding a fan page follow button on your blog isn’t going to keep your viewers engaged. Keep posting some stuff related to your blog on your page and make it engaging. If it is not too much, even to reply comments you get on facebook and G+. This will automatically make your fans more attached to your blog.

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