By: Sachin Patil

How to add a YouTube subscribe button widget on your blog?


YouTube is the most famous network on which you can share your videos. YouTube have been one of the greatest supports for blogging and bloggers. When I started my youtbue channel, I did not search for YouTube subscribe video to put on blogger. I was wondering if there were a subscribe button to put up on blog or website, though I didn’t search for it.
Today, when I visited a site, I found that they have added a YouTube subscribe button on their site to make people aware that they are social on YouTube. The widget looks simple with your YouTube profile picture and a subscribe button. It also shows how many videos you have on your channel and how many subscribers follow you on YouTube.

This widget in realtime will look like this:

Add this widget on your sidebar, where you have added Facebook like button and twitter follow button. Or another thing you can do is add a playlist from your YouTube channel and then above the playlist, you can add this widget. By this, a new visitor to your blog can check out your video and then if they like it, they can subscribe to your channel.
I tried to figure out how this widget works. It is coding. test the coding before adding this to your blog.

How to add this widget on blogspot blogs:

Step 1: Goto your blog on which you want to add this widget and goto layouts tab of your bloggerStep 2: Click on add a new widget and select HTML/Java script.Step 3: Paste the following code in the test area.

<iframe frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” src=”” style=”border: 0; height: 105px; overflow: hidden; width: 300px;”></iframe>
Replace CoreBlogging by your YouTube channel name and save the widget.

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