By: Sachin Patil

Earn money online


Online money making is a craze among the student and teenagers today. All you need to know is the right place to look to make money. Here are few tips how to make money online!!


Blogging is easiest and one of the simplest way to earn money online. The challenge lies in only setting up a stable blog, which pours in tariff. Once if you get like 10000 visitors to your blog, it turns into a cash generating machine almost. For setting up a stable blog, the blog must be target oriented. You must choose to write upon only a particular content which will attract a particular group of people.

Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a process where you will join a service, which pays you money for viewing their ads, and you will have to make your friends join under you and thereby you will get a part of their earnings also. You can see quick money in affiliate marketing only if there are lots of referrals under you. A simple trick in affiliate marketing is that; do not choose many websites at the same time. Just concentrate on a single website and try to get more and more referrals under you, so that you can reach the pay-out quickly. I have personally tried more than 20 affiliate marketing websites, and most of them seem to have either high pay-out, that user cant reaches within a span of 6 months. The best affiliate marketing I would recommend is 20$tosurf because there is less amount of work that the user must do and the pay-out options are simple.

Paid surveys:

There are certain websites that payout cash to take a survey about a particular product as soon as it is released in the market. The products may be electronic goods, cosmetics etc. The user is credited with money if he finishes the survey sooner the product is released. There are quite a lot of websites offering free survey. The users are advised to check the credibility of the site before joining and attending the survey.

Paid to read mails and SMS

All you have to do is read a mail that has a advertisement in it and the user will gain money for reading each and every mail. But the frequency of mails is very less like 2 mails per week and the pay out is quite high to reach. For Indian users I would recommend rupeemail, in which the payout is a simple 20rs which can be reached quite easily. Similarly, few services pay the users to read the text message that they send to the mobile.

I have personally tried many such services. Few of them either does not give pay out for some reason and tend to cheat the users. Therefore I request all the readers to check the credibility of the sites before joining. In my blog, I give out only the best of the services, so that the readers do not get fooled!!

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