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Top high DA PA (100% free) article submission site list in 2019


Today’s competition is very high to marketing with content especially Article Content. Without a good article, Attraction of the human mind becomes very difficult. So as a result, it is impossible to hold people in the article.

The time to start a blog, then you have to face many big challenges in front of it. So that can be great prevention to your way ahead.

Read my full post I am also providing top article submission site list.

What Is Impotent of article submission?

Article Submission is a very old link building strategies. Article Submissions will help you improve your site’s ranking.

You can do it in the right way, so it will give lots of benefits to your site.

Find a high DA PA article submission site and submit your article there. It is more beneficial than a low-quality backlink.

And it is incised your website page ranking or also improve DA PA.

Hay see here some top benefits of article submission …

Google like good backlinks from good sites and Google itself chooses the high-quality backlinks.

The high DA PA site has a lot of traffic. If you take backlink via the article submission on those sites, so many visitors to this site will come to your site for a backlink.

This will increase a lot of the page views in your site.

If you want to an advance SEO in your site, So You must use submitting articles for your website.

  • If you want high ranking for your site, it is very beneficial for high ranking.
  • Incise your website traffic and get more new visitor for your site.
  • Domain authority and page authority will be very high at your site.
  • If your post becomes viral, you cannot even think about how much traffic to your site can increase.
  • Your site gets a more high-quality backlink.
  • Enter the article submission site through the free article submission site list I have given.

**** Remember to always create backlinks, always make good quality backlink from the good site. Because low-quality backlink for the bad site it is negative for your site.

What Is The Disadvantages Article Submission?

Therefore, just as there is something like Advantage likewise there is a problem as well.

You are going to submit an article to a good site (high DA PA), but If you do not know how to write articles very well. Then find a good writer that will write a quality article for you. There is a bad quality article in which there are many mistakes, which may be a disadvantage direction for your website.

The user will not be able to acquire a very good knowledge by reading a defective article, so they will think that there is no good knowledge information with your site.

And they also think that they get the wrong information from your site, so from there the visitors are less likely to visit your site.

Also, if you want to write an article for a good writer, you have to make a lot of money on your article.
If your budget is low then it can be a disadvantage for you.

You can overcome these problems so article submission is very beneficial for your website.

But there are many article submissions sites that are not free. To solve this problem I am also provide
Free article submission site list for you.

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