About US

CoreBlogging’s Quality Policy:

Quality is our main focus. It is not about the number of posts we make every day; even if we make one post per day, we follow strict quality policy and adhere to it. All the posts that we make are in its best quality. One or two basic errors may have advent into the posts without knowing. We make sure that the every HTML/CSS code that we put on the blog will work 100% on all blogs. We test the codes on two blogs minimum and we put the best code for our readers.
‘It is very easy to lose a follower; but it is very difficult to gain one’
We never want to lose any followers of ours.

Being interactive:

We basically think that success of a blog lies in how interactive the blog is. So I reply to each and every comments personally and take my best efforts to reply through mail to all the contact form entry I receive, unless it is suspected to be a spam. So if you have a serious concern with your blog, you can always expect help from me.

I am Sachin Patil, 25 years old blogger from India. I have completed B COM under North Maharashtra University. I am addicted to blogging and I have a great interest in SEO, SMO, PPC, Blogging, and WordPress. I have been blogging for more than 5 years now.