Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wordpress new version released | How to download and install wordpress version 3.5?

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2012 is the year of innovations for and almost all products have released new and updated interface so that they stand in the competitive world today. The new addition to this list in the recent times are yahoo mail and now wordpress have made their new version 3.5 live to download, after testing in beta version for a brief time. 

Wordpress has now evolved as the best blogging platforms due to various reasons such as self hosting support and new and vibrant themes available than in blogspot. In most cases, wordpress bloggers start blogging using blogspot and then migrate to wordpress for these reasons and now there is one more. 

Enhanced features in wordpress 3.5: 

  • Reworked media manager which uploading and finding images better. 
  • A much better importing ability with wide platform support. 
  • Retinal control dashboard. 
  • Support for embedding such as Instagram, sound cloud slide share.

How to download?

Goto and from the left side of the screen, click on download wordpress 3.5.

And once the download has completed open the ZIP file and read the "readme.html" document for detailed installation procedure.

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