Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Marketing through Facebook

Facebook is the leading social media networking site through which most of the people are doing marketing and advertising. Currently there are around 1.11 billion active users in Facebook. Today, Facebook is the only media to reach the targeted group faster than any other media that we use to advertise. For this first needed thing is a facebook account, creating the facebook account is not a difficult task the only required thing for this is you should be above 18 years of age and it is easy to create just by filling the required information in the form.

For advertising, you should first create a business page which is more effective for advertising. The link that you need to create the business page will be available in the footer of the Facebook page. All you need to do is to just click that link to fill the information. After creating the page you should inform to the target group that you have a business page which is related to the product that you handle, by this many people in your group will know about your business and the products. The other users will like your page if the posts made in your page are interesting. The quantity of likes that you get for your business will likely increase the traffic that is generated towards your website; simultaneously your click through rate will get increased.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Latest Updates About Sales and Availability of Micromax Canvas HD A116

Buy Micromax Canvas HD A116 on SnapDeal - Click Here - Sold Out
Buy Micromax Canvas HD A116 on FlipKart - Click Here - Coming Soon
Buy Micromax Canvas HD A116 on Univercell - Click Here - Available for 14,499
Buy Micromax Canvas HD A116 on Poorvika - Click Here - Available for 14,499
Buy Micromax Canvas HD A116 on TheMobileStore - Click Here - Out of Stock

*** This page will display the availability of Micromax Canvas HD A116 when it is available. Kindly bookmark this page and revisit or subscribe to our email notifications ***

Next Update at April 2 at 12 PM! Stay Tuned

April 1 at 10 PM: Bookings closed on Snapdeal and 'Sold Out' is displayed yet again. Goto snapdeal and Flipkart links from above and register your email to get notifications.

April 1 at 9:45 PM: Booking goes in by batches and booking goes on and off. Stay tuned to snapdeal link from above to get your piece soon.

April 1 at 8 PM: Heard that SnapDeal opens online orders again and tried to book a phone. But the booking fails when I Clicked on Proceed to Pay as many people were trying to book the phone (Screen shot attached)

April 1 at 7 PM: I visited a poorvika and univercell and asked about the product. They showed a customer enquiry register where lot of people have just come in to ask about this phone.
Since they are chain of shops they say that they received around 200 pieces and only about 4 to 5 pieces reached the shop and it got sold out soon. Gave them both call back number to call me.
Sales person says phone will not be available on retail outlets until next week and refuses to accept any advance amount.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Top 5 Phones by Samsung under Between Rs.10,000 and Rs.15,000

Samsung is known for manufacturing quality devices with an array of features to suit various needs keeping in mind the basic necessities and sprucing those up to more desirable features. One thing is for sure with Samsung, you will get good after sales services and most often than not, you won’t need these services since the phones come with quality hardware and software. There are a great variety of devices to choose when buying a Samsung device, but with those with a tight belt, and who don’t want to compromise on features, here are a few top choice phones that will cost you under Rs.15,000/- and more than the 10 grand ultra budget tab. This price bracket is conducive for people with social networking and documentation needs.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Three Best Nokia Windows Phone Between 10000 and 15000

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Nokia is producing Windows OS based smart phone. Here is a list of Nokia Windows based smart phones in the price range of 10000 to 15000. Since Nokia is the only company in India producing windows based phone in this price range, the demand for there phones are always good in the market. Other company marketing win based phones is HTC. All other phone manufacturers only have android as OS for their phone. Though the sales of windows phone is less, the only company you can opt to buy smart phone in this range is Nokia.

Nokia is the only company in India producing windows based smartphones in the price range of 10000 to 15000


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

PulsePoint (Contextweb) CPM Publisher Network Review

PulsePoint (Contextweb) CPM Publisher Network Review
PulsePoint is a CPM based ad network which primarily serves banner ads on websites and blog. ContextWeb was merged with PulsePoint and now both the network runs in a combined manner. PulsePoint provides ads for over 12,000 ad servers and is used on over 25,000 sites across the globe. According to the site stats, more than 30 Billion impressions are served every month on different platforms. Other than banner ads the network also offers enterprise email platform.

Ad types
Banner ads
Revenue method
Minimum payout
Payment method
PayPal, wired transfer
Site review before approval
Max no of ads per page
Site requirements
Should be on top level domain
Should be family friendly site
Runs in parallel with AdSense


  • User can set the asking price for ads
  • Use of backup codes
  • Easy control of ad tags
  • Extensive reports


  • Poor fill rate
  • Suitable for sites with high traffic from USA, UK

My Experience:

I started using pulsepoint earlier this month. When I first set up ads from this network I thought that this was another scam network which will serve ads and keep the payout at a very high level so that publishers never achieve the target and it will become profitable for the company. I almost did not believe that the asking price can be set by the publisher himself.

But I have to accept that this network is working. Initially when I set up ads, there was no review for the site which made me think so. But then after I set the asking price and placed the ad code on my blog, ads started appearing instantaneously. Only backup free ads were served as I did not set up my backup ad tags. 

So I figured out how this network works. You are setting a asking price and only those advertisers who are willing pay for that asking price; their ads will be served or else your back up ads will appear.

But still there is one thing that is preventing you from making money. That is the demography of your traffic. You need to have lot of traffic from USA and UK to be successful with this network. The best thing you can do is put up this network’s ads and in the back up tag place the code of Google AdSense or any other alternative network you may be using and you will generate revenue on both the networks.

Rating: [3/5] ★★★☆☆
Verdict: Good and trustable network if you have volume of traffic from USA and UK.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Clicksor ( Advertising Network Review

Clicksor ( Advertising Network Review
Clicksor is one of the biggest ad serving network, which has a large number of blogger and websites with not original content but has a large number of impressions per day. While I was doing research on internet about the best Google ad-sense alternative, almost all the search result that appeared had mentioned clicksor in it. I have been using clicksor on my other blog for over one year now, and I must say this has been a disappointment! 

Primarily, I do not believe in any network that has referral program strategy to market their site. If a site is good, automatically people will come and join their site and there will be no need for the site to roll out affiliate marketing to get more users to the site. But, initially to gain users and make the platform popular, they may use affiliate marketing. But clicksor still use affiliate strategy. 

Yesup groups own clicksor and when you sign up for clicksor, automatically you will be signed up for yesup group too (I don’t know why they do that) and once you have given basic information, you can go in and create ads unit.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

AdHitz ( CPC Ads Review

AdHitz ( CPC Ads ReviewAdHitz is a popular banner ad network which is used for monetization of few websites and blogs of low quality. This network works on CPC (Cost-per-Click) that is when you display banner ads and someone clicks on it you will earn money. Generally the CPC for this network varies from $0.15 to $0.03 per click and this is measured on the country from which the click is tracked. Here are the pro and cons and how my experience went with this website. If you have already tried this network, make sure you leave your comment about your experience so that it will help other readers.

Ad types
Banner ads
Sizes available
1.       728×90  – Leaderboard
2.       468×60  – Banner
3.       120×600 – Skyscraper
4.       125×125 – Button
5.       300×250 – Medium Rectangle
And many other format for text ads
Cost per Click
$0.15 for USA
$0.13 for UK, Canada
Upto $0.03 for most countries
Payout method
Paypal, Payza
Minimum payout
$25 for Paypal
$50 for Payza
Site review before approval
Max number of ads per page
Help desk support
Moderate level
Site requirements
NA. Any kind of site

Friday, March 08, 2013

Gionee gPad 1 Smartphones in India - Specifications and Price

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Gionee has entered into the smartphone market in India earlier this week and their phone has created lot of buss in smartphone market. Their first smartphone is named gPad 1 and after the launch of this phone, the company is planning to unveil more smartphones in India.

Specifications of Gionee Gpad 1 smartphone:

  • Price - Rs. 10,999
  • OS - Android Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Free accessories - Back cover, Screen guard, 8GB memory card
  • Display - 5 inch LCD with scratch resistance surface
  • Processor - 1GHz dual core
  • Memory - 512MB RAM and 4GB internal memory
  • Camera - 8MP primary cam, Secondary camera

Launch of Gionee Gpad 1 smartphone:

The company will start selling it's product around the first week of April and the phone will be available for sames from all the leading online and retail outlets.

This phone is considered to be competitor for budget smartphones manufactured by Micromax and Karbonn.

We will update the sales details of this phone as soon as it is available. Please stay tuned to our updates by email by clicking here.


Use Google Search Trends to Find Hot Topics for Blog Post


When keyword tool can be used to find the keyword which has lot of demand in search; google trends can be used to find what topic is rising in search volumes!

As a blogger we all know how important it is to use the Google keyword research tool to find important keywords and their competition on the internet. A similar tool by Google that most of them are unaware is Google trends, in which you can find the information about hot and trending topics. Google trends will give information about how much raise is found in search of a keyword in a particular demography.

To be simple, taking an example. Let us try to analyze the key word “Christmas Gifts”. One would naturally find that this particular keyword will have a raise in search volumes in December and towards the third week of December, this will have the maximum search and will reach breakthrough.

If you are planning to write on your blog about highly searched keywords (trending keywords) then the tool you should use to find that is Google trends.

How to use Google trends:

Log into your Google accounts and goto On landing on that page you can find the indicator of what are the Hot Searches in your country.

Use Google Search Trends to Find Hot Topics for Blog Post

On the search field, enter the keyword whose raise you need to know and click on Explore.

Use Google Search Trends to Find Hot Topics for Blog Post

To know about rapidly raising search results in a particular locality, use the filters available efficiently:
  • Select 'Web Search'
  • Select the particular country you need to know and then again select locality in that country
  • Select Past 7 days or Past 30 days for hot topics currently
  • Select the Category and sub-Category correctly.
Even after that is data is not shown and it displays a message like "Not enough search volume to show graphs.", under search term, remove the term you have given and it will display "All Search Terms" by default.

Use Google Search Trends to Find Hot Topics for Blog Post

There are still lot more tools available on google trends which you can effectively make use of for your blog!

Best Windows Phone Between 10000 and 15000

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The sales ratio of android phones to windows phone in the Indian market is roughly around 4:1.

The advent of android phone is holding back the sales of windows OS based phone in India. The rough sales  estimate ratio of android to windows is around 4:1. That is for every 4 android phone sales, there is only one windows based phone is getting sold. This is mainly because there are numerous models of android phone than windows phone, marketed by Nokia and HTC.

On filtering the Windows OS based phone in India, I just arrived at four models of phone between the price range 10000 and 15000. They are Nokia Lumia 620, Nokia Lumia 510, Nokia Lumia 710 and Nokia Lumia 610.

All the phone in this price range are from Nokia and with Windows 8 OS. Let us now compare the features of these phone to find which is the best among these.

4. Nokia Lumia 610:

Price: Rs. 12,400
  • Single SIM
  • Windows 7.5 OS
  • 800 MHz ARM Cortex-A5 Processor
  • 3.7 Inches Screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 Pixels
  • 5MP camera with a LED flash
  • Li-Ion, 1300 mAh Battery
  • 8 GB internal memory no Memory card slot

Thursday, March 07, 2013

How to Place Your Ad Code Inside Your Blogger Template

When I wanted to once place an ad code that I generated from AdBrite just below the title of my post, where the ad will get maximum exposure, I was not able to save my template successfully. Blogger kept showing me some error related to this and I gave up placing the banner inside of the template and I added a new HTML/Java Script widget from the layouts tab and placed the ad banner.

The warning that the blogger showed was:

Error parsing XML, line 1989, column 82: The reference to entity "cwrun" must end with the ';' delimiter.

I looked for some online help and I found out that the error in the template is due to the presence of certain elements on the code such as '&' '<' '>' etc..

Micromax Canvas HD A116 Availability on Stores


Update 28th March: Click here to see the post

The latest Micromax Canvas HD has a lot of buzz on the mobile phone market and has created an impact on the sales of micromax phones in India. The earlier phone, micromax A110 was a massive success which was sold at the rate of 8000 phones per day was stopped and Canvas HD A116 was released.

On the day of release, about 9000 pieces of the phone was sold via snap deal and within first one hour of release about 1200 pieces were brought by the customers.

Micromax then briefly displayed ‘SOLD OUT’ on snapdeal before reopening the sales with delivery time of 21 days.


6 Best Popular Post Widget for Blogger Blogs


A popular post widget is used to display the most read article of a blog over the past week, month or all time.

Popular post widget is something that is present in almost all the blogger blogs. It is a default widget offered by blogger and it can be added from the layouts tab by clicking on the 'Add a gadget link'. However, this will display the popular post widget in a default way. Few CSS may be applied to the template of the blog to customize the look of this widget.

I browsed a little over 30 kinds of popular post widget to filter the best 5 out of the list. Kindly do share your comments about these widgets.

There are lot of CSS available for this widget from many skilled bloggers and yet I have picked those which are widely used and loved by many bloggers.

1. Simple Hover Effect Popular Post Widget

This widget is simple and all the posts are covered with a capsule like border on the bottom and when a particular post is hovered, the background color of the widget changes.

How to add a YouTube subscribe button widget on your blog?

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How to add a YouTube subscribe button widget on your blog?YouTube is the most famous network on which you can share your videos. YouTube have been one of the greatest supports for blogging and bloggers. When I started my youtbue channel, I did not search for YouTube subscribe video to put on blogger. I was wondering if there were a subscribe button to put up on blog or website, though I didn’t search for it.

Today, when I visited a site, I found that they have added a YouTube subscribe button on their site to make people aware that they are social on YouTube. The widget looks simple with your YouTube profile picture and a subscribe button. It also shows how many videos you have on your channel and how many subscribers follow you on YouTube.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

How to Link your Twitter to Facebook with Video Tutorial

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When you link your twitter account to your Facebook  the tweet which you make on your twitter will appear as a status on your Facebook.

In yesterday's post we saw how to link your facebook page or account to your twitter. In this post I am going to explain the opposite of it. By linking your twitter account to your Facebook  the tweet which you make on your twitter will appear as a status on your Facebook account. You may even link twitter account to one of the facebook pages to which you are admin.